People from all over the world have come to walk the labyrinth. Note, even dogs enjoy being in the labyrinth!

May 5, 2001 a pipe ceremony was held at the center of the labyrinth. Pipe carrier, Russ Swonger lead the ceremony. A spruce tree was planted and blessed, guests were smudged, and special gifts of plants were planted.

A Buddha statue on a marble slab surrounded by pine trees and moss ground covering.

This Peace Pole is 8' of a 60' white pine donated to the Sacred Grove. It was diagonally cut and then carved by a friend of the Sacred Grove in 2006. It is topped off with a copper sheet. Around the pole on the ground are all the "spent" rocks from the labyrinth. (Walking the labyrinth over the years becomes like walking among friends personified in each rock. As the rocks deteriorate they are "laid to rest" at the foot of the Peace Pole.)

The trail leading to the peace and quietness of the Sacred Grove.

The Peter Rabbit stone with its history plus the printed Peter Rabbit story donated by the Grandniece of Fred Hoerning who was the homesteader on this property over 100 years ago. Parents sit on the rock and read the story to their children as it was originally done over 60 years ago.

Photo includes the guest book stand in the foreground, a talking circle with chairs and benches and a picnic table with the labyrinth in the background.

Tibetan Prayer Flags blowing in the breeze of the Sacred Grove.

Labyrinth: The 60' stone and sawdust Chartres-style labyrinth is at the center of the Sacred Grove. Many of the stones come from other states and various Canadian provinces.

This 100 year old farm implement was used by the original homesteader. The corn binder was developed to make corn harvesting faster, the corn binder cuts the green corn stalks, binds them and hired hands set them up into shocks.

The Gathering Place: A cleared area in the Sacred Grove for those who want to use it for a special occasion. The area overlooks acres of wetland.

Many objects are hung in the surrounding trees commemorating special times, memorializing loved ones, celebrating an accomplishment, asking for a healing, as a special gift to the Sacred Grove and, possibly, for many other reasons. This photo is of Native American origin.

This beautiful tree is here to help us remember those whose lives have been lived. Copper, silver (aluminum) and gold colored leaf-like metal are available, will be engraved with your deceased loved one’s name, birth and death dates and then attached to this tree.