All life is sacred

By providing spiritual guidance throughout life’s transitions and to spiritually celebrate those special times in your life or the lives of those you love, Sacred Ceremonies can assist you.


Weddings and Commitment Services
Personally created to each couple’s needs and wishes
Home Funeral Guidance
Educate and assist families who want to care for their deceased loved one in the privacy of their home.
Welcoming and Naming Ceremony
An initiation for children into the Universal family
House Blessings
Create harmony, positive energy and balance in the sanctuary of your home.
Celebratory Events
Create a personalized ceremony for any celebratory event.
Grief Counseling
By listening and offering ways of dealing with grief, those who have experienced loss may come to a measure of resolution.
Funeral Officiant
Provide a personal and meaningful celebration for your loved one.
Experiencing the Sacred Grove
A place of peace and quiet that can provide spiritual rejuvenation with: a Meditation Garden, Wooded Pathways, a Labyrinth and a Gathering Place

Sacred Ceremonies, Ltd’s mission includes, but is not limited to, assisting families and individuals through rites of passage such as child blessings, weddings, divorce, caring for their deceased loved one. It also includes education to the community concerning death and dying issues, grief support, and provides a place called the Sacred Grove for the general public to be spiritually renewed through the use of the Athani II retreat cabin, labyrinth, meditation garden, hermitage, and paths, all where sacred ceremonies can be performed.

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Sacred Ceremonies, Ltd is a nonprofit organization.

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