Welcoming and Naming Ceremony

Welcoming a newborn or young child into the community is an age-old custom.

Relatives and friends are invited to give their blessings to this time of initiation into the Universal family by bringing a small container of special water and a hope or a dream they may have for the child.

All the water is combined and used by Lucy, parents and godparents. “As the water breaks in the mother’s womb, as the water broke in your mother’s womb to welcome you into the world, so we use water today to welcome "N". into this community of family and friends. Water connects you with your ancestors and all of humanity.”*

The “hope or a dream” is written down on a card by those attending, then gathered, and given to the child during the Giving of Gifts, when gifts of all sorts are given to the child, e.g., “N., receive this young tree as a symbol of the ways you will grow and change. This white pine sapling from the Sacred Grove was started from a seed of a 150-year-old tree.” (Use the remaining gift of the waters to water the tree.)

* Parts of this ceremony are taken from "Welcoming and Blessing a Child" by Diann L. Neu in her book, Women's Rites (Pilgrim Press, 2003).