Wedding/Commitment Ceremonies

A wedding ceremony needs to be well thought out and uniquely yours. Lucy understands that the ceremony is your occasion, and not hers. While Lucy is there with her years of experience to help and guide a couple in planning their special day, she encourages them to use their own hearts and imagination in the planning process. (Lucy does not skydive nor does she ride horses!)

Lucy’s experience spans over two decades. She has officiated ceremonies in numerous states including Maryland, Minnesota, Virginia, Washington D.C. and Wisconsin. In addition to traditional church weddings, she has officiated ceremonies on the banks of rivers and lakes, in homes and restaurants, in fields and formal gardens and even in a labyrinth.

She enjoys spending time with a couple to get to know them better and to help foster better communication on many levels. Therefore, two or three sessions with Lucy leading up to the rehearsal and ceremony are vital. If the couple lives in another state, she communicates with the couple via email, telephone, Skype and then in person the day before the ceremony.

What I will provide (PDF)

Lucy celebrates love in all forms. She lovingly officiates marriages for all couples, gay or straight. She lovingly officiates ceremonies for all couples wishing to reaffirm their vows. And, she lovingly officiates commitment ceremonies for all couples wishing to have their unions blessed while remaining legally unwed.

In addition to new unions, Lucy has officiated in the recommitment ceremonies of couples choosing to reaffirm their vows -- even after 25 years of marriage.

The following are unsolicited comments from letters Lucy has received:

Your organization of the participants was simply beautiful. I have heard from so many of the guests that they’ve never seen a more beautiful ceremony. And your words were very meaningful. I especially appreciated the reference to each individual remaining themselves but coming together to form a better whole. Lucy, you were grand!” -Mother of the Bride

“Thank you for all you have done to prepare my husband and me for our wedding. All of your meetings with us gave us more to think about! I hope we can be as good to others as you were to us. Thank you!” -Bride

“We really appreciated your calm demeanor and kind, generous personality. You definitely made it easy for us! I’m so glad you were able to take part in our ceremony, and thanks also for your flexibility.” - Bride and Groom

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